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I love my family, I love my dog and I love chocolate. I also love being around happy people. When I am photographing people and weddings with a block of chocolate in my pocket I am in seventh heaven. I am emotional, it's who I am. It's how I feel about the moment and that's what I'm passionate about, capturing your moments.

For many years photography filled any spare time I had while working as a teacher. My work as a teacher has long connected me to people, their stories, their emotions.

Part of what I love about photography is capturing history, to be handed down to your kids and grandkids. These are such precious memories and you get to keep them.

As I've become wiser and more experienced at life, I realise how important it is to record family history. Everyone thinks they have all the time in the world, but if you are not careful ...

Hi, I'm Stef! 



Our beautiful kids and fur baby, Minty


LiFe Goes Undocumented.

What makes me tick!

My favourite part of photography is capturing people in their natural environment when they think no-one is looking. This is often referred to as photojournalism or in layman's terms, the candid shot.

My inspiration came from a photo of my parents at their wedding in 1949. In a private moment, when they thought they were alone, a wedding guest snapped them in the wedding car. This moment captures for me the true intimacy and emotion of their special day. 

This is my kind of photography.

FAVOURITE Hobby:                     
Performing on stage

FAVOURITE TEAM:  West Tigers, I have to say that in case my husband looks at my website. Sydney Swans.

FAVOURITE MOVIES:             
You've Got Mail and all good rom coms.

Pride and Prejudice.

GUILTY PLEASURE:                     
The Bachelor/Bachelorette/MAFS while eating Cadbury chocolate.

DRINK OF CHOICE:                     
Pink Champagne!!!!!!

'The loveliest lady you will ever meet'.

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